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fredag den 25. april 2008

Certified ScrumMaster notes

If you ever see anybody on the street giving a strange handshake and barking like a dog you have witnessed two ScrumMasters saying hello to each other. That was the last thing I learned last week at our ScrumMaster Certification Course held by Boris Gloger, the founder of Sprint-iT.

I won't go into detail about the course but I want to share with you my notes. They may not mean anything at all to you but I think they will mean the world to me in the next few months when I end up in situations where mindsets have to be changed, priorities have to be explained and roles and responsibilities are to be established.

I at first wanted to write them all down but I will try a new approach: The photography. I have seen many people use photos of slides and flipovers with crude drawings and always thought that whatever was on the slide now got put away in an image and wasn't properly "refactored" into useful notes. However, I ended up asking myself how useful my own notes are to me and to tell the truth I rarely (if ever) go back to notes I have made earlier. I must be doing something wrong otherwise I think I would be using them more often. So now I will try a new approach to see if pictures of Post-its saved on my harddrive will be of more value to me than notes properly entered in a Word document.

Here they are - the combined results and "Heureka"'s of two days of Scrum training. Read them all if you like and please do comment on any of them if they puzzle you or simply looks interesting to you.

Regards Kristian


P.S. - If the quality of the images are too low on the Web due to Blogspot fiddling with the size / quality of uploaded images you can download a zipped package of all the notes here. The image quality is not very high to begin with - this is because I had to take them with my mobile camera (the new HTC S730... Windows Mobile 6 with WiFi, GPS functionality, Qwerty keyboard and a default ringtone which scared the pants of several fellow customers at the local hardware store the first time somebody gave me a call)

P.P.S. - I noticed that one or two of them has Danish writings on them so if you bump into notes where you mumble "What the hey ???" then you should do a spellcheck to ensure that you are trying to decipher English notes instead of Danish  ;o)

























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Rune Mai sagde ...

Kristian - you are aware of the fact that the handshake is called "the secret handshake of scrum"? :)

could you contact me on my dba mail - id like to hear more about your scrum tools and experiences...

arumugam sagde ...

just linked this article on my facebook account. it’s a very interesting article for all.

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