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torsdag den 25. september 2008

I came by yesterday because I was awarded a membership as part of my Certified Scrum Training and accidently stumbled across the Email with my user credentials provided after the SCRUM course. The website seems to have quite a few interesting articles - and did you know that in order to be a Certified Scrum Trainer you must pay a one-time fee of nothing less than 7400 dollars... Of course you will have to pay an annual renewal fee of 7500 dollars but then your annual membership of the website is included (a mere 100 bucks).

I don't know - I just think that's a lot of money for having a reference to somebody who have an idea that you know something about Scrum. Anyway - I think I want to check out the site and read some of the articles. More to come later - if you know of other Scrum communities worth checking out please let me know  :o)

/ K.

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