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onsdag den 12. januar 2011

Sharepoint 2010 - List item on custom content type not updated using Edit dialogue

Sharepoint 2010 can be a tricky bastard sometimes… One of the small, annoying things I’ve discovered being married to Sharepoint 2010 is that yesterday when I added two new columns in Schema.xml to an existing custom document contenttype I couldn’t update these two columns in the List Item Edit dialogue. The other columns in my content type (metadata fields) worked fine but my new Expiration date and a checkbox column wouldn’t change it’s values. Nothing showed up in the log-files – what the hey??  I wasn’t really surprised though. Behaviour like this isn’t uncommon during Sharepoint development so I googled the problem and found out that I had to alter the column name and everything would work out fine… Which it to my pleasant surprise did.

To make things work I ended up changing the StaticName Property on my Field in Schema.xml, hit deploy and things have went smooth from here. I’m writing this to spread the word since I had a bit of trouble finding a solution to my problem. Spread the word  :o)

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