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fredag den 18. januar 2008

It's been a while...

...and I'm sorry. I intended to write at least once every week on this blog but it only lasted for about a month. I haven't exactly been out of work - we're in the middle of giving our house from the mid-1930 an extensive overhaul and I have currently had a two days vacation which I spent helping a plumber installing radiators in our house. I can truly feel how the lack of physical work in my day-to-day life has had a tremendous influence on my well-being today - I am simply flat out of energy and feel like I need a couple of days off... I haven't had the courage to ask for two days off yet because I'm quite sure I will get a counter-question similar to "You? Two days? You just had two days off!"... ;o)

Anyway - I have an article I want to share with you. One from the guru of OO (and a lot of other things) himself, Martin Fowler:

The article is about his personal view on which knowledge is the most important to you as a project manager - people who know design very well or people who has excellent specific knowlegde on areas which the project domain will be in touch with.

Off for now - have a load of work to complete before the weekend. If we're in any luck I get the chance to actually deploy something to production next week (first time for more than half a year - and I'm assigned to an Agile development team...).

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