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torsdag den 3. juli 2008

Firefox - not just another browser

Disclaimer: Lots of people have written this post before me. Don't come back and tell me that you haven't heard this one before ;o)


I am usually very relaxed when it comes to the tools I am using - I use whatever suits my needs and strive not to be very religious about who created them and if I am using the newest version or not.

I have used Internet Explorer for quite a while (always actually). I have tried a few browsers over the years the latest one being Maxthon which was recommended to me by one of my former collegues. It never hit the spot mainly because I didn't give it a real try - I didn't spend enough time to see what extra value it could provide me because it seems to be a quite successful browser variant.

However - I must admit that the new Firefox 3 is amazing mainly because it is so freaking fast. It feels like I just had my computer upgraded to a bigger processor and doubled my RAM. This is the first browser I have begun to use as frequently as Internet Explorer - simply because it is better than it's competitor. The addins are also extremely powerful - they have been around for years but the vast amount of plugins written for Firefox is simply amazing. If you want to do something whatever it is - searching, social networking, image grabbing, resizing, debugging... Somebody is likely to have written a plugin for Firefox which enables you to do whatever you want to quicker and easier than before you discovered the plugin.

Speed + extensibility = I love it. IE isn't a bad browser at all but they should really be careful not to be become a has-been. Jugding by these figures IE still wins the socalled "browser war" but they are about to loose precious market shares unless they saddle up and start producing something of similar star quality.

Regards K.

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