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fredag den 25. juli 2008

Javascript != Internet Explorer

I had this funny experience today with this little piece of Javascript:

function Redir(sAcceptUrl, orderId)
document.location.href = sAcceptUrl + "?orderid=" + orderId;
return false;

The function was called by a button's onClick-event like this:

input id="theBigRedButtonGoesWild" onclick="Redir()" type="button

This worked fine in IE but not in Firefox.... Firefox just posted to the same page and didn't care very much about the document.location.href change - What the hey ???

It turned out that when using this little function in Firefox you have to use the return value of the Redir() function in order for the Firefox event model to NOT perform a postback - like this

input id="theBigRedButtonGoesWild" onclick="return Redir()" type="button">

It has something to do with the fact that a button in Javascript is actually always a submit-button and inherits it's behaviours from a world which posts back if nothing else is being dictated. IE's event model is - well - different ;o

This was just a quick one - I am on vacation for 3 weeks starting in about 5 hours (first thing on my todo-list: Go to the parent's house and mow their lawn because they are on vacation...) so this blog will be on hold until I am back from work

Regards Kristian

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