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mandag den 5. januar 2009

Definition of SOLID

What's SOLID? I've came across the acronym a few times but never took the time to look it up (I guess a Google search would have taken no longer than for you to read these two sentences...)

Anyway - I came across it again while reading a post submitted to DotNetKicks and found a link to Pablo's topic of the month. Basicly SOLID is an acronym built upon five acronyms (no, it's not April 1st) - and they are:

  • SRP: Single Responsibility Principle
  • OCP: Open/Closed Principle
  • LSP: Liskov Substitution Principle
  • ISP: Interface Segregation Principle
  • DIP: Dependency Inversion Principle

That's what SOLID is. All in all five architectual best-practice design principles which are good to know in order for you to get things "right" in the design of whatever system you're working on. Agreed - I'm really only paying attention to the first one since so I won't preach the importance of all five of them to you.

There are numerous links to a detailed explanation of each of the five acronyms so I won't repeat them here - go check it out for yourself :o)

Regards K.

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