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onsdag den 14. januar 2009

How to resize IE with just a click of a button

I'm won't take credit for this one - but I nevertheless want to spread the word:

  • Create a shortcut in your IE Favorites or in you Links folder.
  • Rename this shortcut/favorite to "Resize Window to 1024x768".
  • Edit the properties of the shortcut and place the following line of javascript in the URL property.
    You will receive a warning prompt. Simply proceed.
  • Save the properties and then click your new favorite Resize Window to 1024x768.

    You should give Mark Wagner a pad on the shoulder next time you see him - :o)

    Regards K.

    P.S. - It only works if you have only a single tab open - nothing happens when multiple tabs are open at the same time

    UPDATE: Download the Internet Explorer 8 Beta II and use the bundled Developer Tools to resize your browser window - regardless of how many tabs are open.

    2 kommentarer:

    Anonym sagde ...

    If You have IE 8 installed, then the browser resize to 800x600, 1064x768, 1280x768 and 1280x1024 is available via the F12 developer menu - and it works even with 10 tabs open

    Kristian Erbou sagde ...

    Good one - thanks :o)