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onsdag den 28. april 2010

MSTest results on CruiseControl using .NET 4

We’ve decided to upgrade our Visual Studio 2008 solutions to VS2010 and I had a few issues updating our buildserver – one of the most annoying problems was that the XSLT rendering the .NET 4 build output didn’t include our test results. My skills in regard of XSLT are – well, mediocre on a very good day - but I finally figured out that the namespace in (CCNET Installation folder)\webdashboard\xsl\MSTest9Report.xslt was wrong - the namespace was and had to be changed to Then my dear tests results were back to normal again. It caused me a bit of a headache because the XML was wellformed and the XPath was correct so it was really weird for a XSLT-n00b like me. It reminded me of the time where I used to debug Javascript by inserting “alert(‘123’)” into the code to see which if-clause got hit this time… What a great way to spend a few days at work that was  :o)

After changing the namespace everything is A-OK even though it annoys me a bit having to install Visual Studio 2010 on our buildserver in order to execute our MSTests. I haven't figured out a way to simply reference the Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.UnitTestFramework.dll assemblies - it just won't work for a number of reasons such as odd files missing, MSBuild errors and other various issues I’ve encountered while trying to hack my way through. Have anyone ever made MSTests run on a buildserver with no Visual Studio installed? Please let me know and you’ll be my friend for the day.

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Anonym sagde ...

I dont know if you figured this out but in the meantime Microsoft have released Visual Studio Agents 2010 which includes MSTest and the required libraries for executing tests without installing VS2010.