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tirsdag den 15. juni 2010

Norwegian Developer Conference 2010

I’m currently sitting in my hotelroom watching Brazil scoring an insane 1-0 goal against North Korea – I’ve spent the last 15 minutes planning the day tomorrow where I’ll be attending NDC 2010. I’ve never been to the conference before but a collegue of mine were here last year and I was a little envious when I learned the speakers attending the conference last year… This year it seems to be more focused on upcoming Microsoft-related technologies such as Windows Azure, F# and a bunch of C# stuff but there’s also plenty of room for i.e. MonoRails and lots of other stuff built outside of Seattle.

I have decided to plan a bit ahead. The other conferences I’ve attended earlier I wen to without much planning ahead and afterwards I had a sensation that I should have been elsewhere instead of attending sessions which I ought to have known couldn’t teach me very much. What’s the idea of attending a TDD 1-1 session when you’ve reached past that stage years ago? So tomorrow I’ll be switching tracks a bit. One of the worst things about such a conference is all the stuff you DON’T get to see live… There are podcasts and webcasts afterwards but it doesn’t beat the sensation of being there yourself of course. I’ll be following two sessions of F#, delving into Javascript with Scott Allen and I’m looking forward to seeing Jon Skeet presenting a ported version of a Java DateTime framework… I decided to go to his session for three reasons: Jon Skeet is there, I never questioned the System.DateTime namespace in .NET and Jon Skeet is there… I haven’t got the faintest clue how another framework could attack issues regarding date-time stuff so it’ll probably be either an eyeopener or time wasted I guess.

…and now Brazil is leading 2 against 0… I’ll bet that if North Korea against all odds gets away with one or even three points the national TV-station will broadcast the North Korean goals in a loop 24-7 the next five years or so   :o)

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