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torsdag den 17. juni 2010

Norwegian Developer Conference – Day 2

I’m impressed… I’ve attended two different .NET debugging sessions today with Ingo Rammer. I kid you not – he is coding faster than Ayende himself. I don’t know the average amount of characters he was able to punch during a given timeframe but it was probably twice my own and I’m not exactly a slow writer. It was impressive – just like his sessions of debugging. I’ve got to know a load of features I had no idea existed in both Visual Studio and WinDbg. How do you debug a Windows Service which fails during startup? I know now… It includes using the geekiest tools available to you from Microsoft but it CAN be done.

I also attended two sessions with Jon Skeet. Today he shared with us his thoughts and wishes for C# 5 and how he would like the language to evolve. I can’t say I agree on much of it but he had some good thoughts about reducing boilerplate code when creating new instances of objects in various situations. But having polymorphic method overload in interfaces? I think not…

I’ve been a fan of DDD for quite some time (not ever succeeding with it on a project but even though you suck at football you can still be a fan, right?). I went to see Eric Evans about a talk reflecting upon his experiences and learnings after he wrote his much famous DDD book. Not the best performance but it was interesting to hear about i.e. domain events and their importance for a successful DDD experience if you take them into account and use them wisely. And I know a lot more about the .NET Service Bus and how it is the most important invention since Windows NT back in 1993. Don’t take my word for it – I believe Judal Lowy’s word weights a lot more than mine. He believes in it too so you should definately go for him instead of me  :o)

I’m off again – there’s a geek party planned about 9pm which is some 20 minutes from now. We’re leaving tomorrow so this is probably the last post for this week. I’ll recap the conference in a few days – see you then  :o)

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