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tirsdag den 14. oktober 2008

OO - how hard can it be to explain?

We have hired a new teammember who started yesterday - very good news since our UI skills lack a bit and this should be a lesser problem once our new co-worker is up to speed.

However - our new teammember is fresh out of school and haven't learned a lot of the core concepts which we (the rest of the team) use on an everyday basis and take for given that we all know at heart - so having to explain what a source control system is, what the difference between "=" and "==" is in C# and questions like "What is object orientation"... That was one of the questions I got and off I went to see what Wikipedia had to offer on the subject

The intro is quite nice but I stopped after a few pages because GoF patterns aren't what you should throw at somebody 15 minutes after being presented to the OO paradigm for the first time. So we talked a little and I said I would go find some tutorial which could explain the fundamentals of OO in a 1-1 manner.

And I searched. And searched. And tried another search. And finally, after having spent nearly one hour on Google I have given up. I am simply unable to find a single webpage which explains the fundamental concepts of OO with a reasonable amount of C# code used to make the abstract concepts just a little more concrete. I see myself as being quite good at finding the stuff I need on Google so this doesn't exactly boost my selfconfidence a lot... Sure there are a lot of tutorials and I managed to find what I was looking for on but the sourcecode provided is Java and concepts like "What is a package" doesn't make sense to a newbie in C#.

I regret to have given up (I blame Google of course for not providing me with the answer to my prayers) but I will give a try on this one. And I wonder how spoiled we have become because of Google - I actually got angry with myself for not being able to input the 3-4 simple keywords into Google which would reveal the webpage I was looking for. Searching for various combinations and phrasings of "oo", "object orientation", "msdn", "tutorial", "explained", "c#", "fundamentals" etc. etc. etc. didn't do the trick this time.

I remember once upon a time (pre-Google that is) where you remembered each and every time you managed to find something valuable on various searchengines - a time when Hotbot and AltaVista were my favourite amongst lots of searchengines. Such a long time ago - 5-6 years I believe... :o)

Regards K.

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